Oil Change

Nothing can absolutely guarantee to maintain the value and durability of any automobile. But nothing can offer the same potential for doing so as can a diligent maintenance program. Every vehicle has different requirements, based upon driving habits, frequency of use, gasoline used and a variety of other factors. 

By considering all of these factors and your personal budget, Spark Auto can help to determine the optimum maintenance schedule that best suits your needs. Typically, we recommend oil changes every 5,000 kilometers or 4 months, whichever occurs first. Other fluid changes – or flushes – we recommend at 50,000 kilometer or 2 year intervals. This includes anti-freeze, brake fluid, transmission fluid (whether automatic or standard), power steering fluid and differential fluid if equipped. For tune-up, or spark plug exchange, we suggest following the recommendations of the manufacturer, or as needed. Tires should be rotated every 15,000 kilometres or once a year, to keep the wear patterns even between the front and rear tires

Regular inspections are one of the most important aspects of any maintenance program. Performing what Spark Auto refers to as a maintenance inspection every 15,000 kilometers or once a year is a relatively inexpensive way to identify potential problems before they develope into a breakdown or safety concern. We can assess what repairs are required to keep your vehicle in tip-top condition and prioritize them in order of importance to both safety and comfort.