Spark Auto takes no chances with the braking system on your vehicle. In the past we have seen a partial inspection overlook a potentially hazardous fault, so when a customer comes to us with a brake problem, we take the time to perform a complete and thorough inspection, regardless what we may think the cause of the problem to be. After all, yor safety and that of your family is what is most important. 

Our brake inspection starts with a road test, to give our technician a feel of your brake system, followed by comprehensive testing of the hydraulic, power assist & parking brake systems. The stop-lights are checked, as are the warning indicators and the condition of the brake fluid. On the hoist, all steel lines are inspected for leaks or excessive rust, hoses are checked for cracks, leaks or internal damage, parking brake cables are checked for deformation and binding and wheels are spun to ensure free-wheeling before being removed to inspect linings, rotors and calipers. Drum and rotor measurements are taken and compared to specifications. If equipped with ABS, we may suggest additional testing if system malfunctions are apparent. 

Once our inspection is complete, we draw up an estimate designed to give our customer a picture of the state of their complete brake system, along with a break-down of repairs & prices categorized by necessity, recommendations for improvement and two or more parts choices. We will never perform a brake repair which is unsafe, however there are options available that allow our customers to make a choice that will fit their budget. Spark Auto always recommends the quality of work that we believe will be the most satisfactory to our customer, drawing on our experience to recommend the parts and the job that we feel will give the best performance, feel and noise quality available.