Driveability & Diagnostics

Based on the symptoms described by our customer, we treat each diagnostic challenge individually. At Spark Auto we begin by confirming symptoms, wherever possible, through road-tests or any other means appropriate to the problem. Next, a thorough search is performed for any relevant technical service bulletins made available by the manufacturer and then tests which pertain to the symptoms described are performed. After identifying the fault(s) and eliminating known symptoms, additional tests may be performed to uncover any other potential problems that may become apparent. This results in maximized diagnostic efforts, minimized diagnostic time and the prevention of unnecessary return visits. Spark Auto has the tools, training and experience needed to streamline the diagnosis of most North American, Asian and European vehicles.


TIP: Whenever experiencing poor drivability (sluggish performance, a difficult start-up, etc.), it is usually a good idea to ensure that maintenance operations such as fuel system service and tune-ups are up-to-date before performing a diagnostic test. After all, it would be a shame to spend an hour of diagnostic time in order to determine that the spark plugs needed to be replaced!