Spark's power is

Its experienced technicians


Our well-trained technicians are experts in all different car services



Advanced equipments

Offer you reliable results


All equipment in Spark Auto are from top car service industries in the world.



Your Car

Needs to be ready fast


Spark Auto offers fast and reliable repair services. We understand that your car is needed ASAP.



Your car is safe

Here with us

Looking for premium automotive service and demand real value for your hard-earned dollars? Don’t look any further, at Spark Auto we offer outstanding customer service and a job well done- be it by the parts we recommend, the workmanship we perform or the commitments we make- we stand behind all the work we do! At Spark Auto, we believe that a satisfied customer is our greatest asset and go to great lengths to keep them coming back.

Experienced Technician

Over 20 years

Our customer service representatives are highly knowledgeable. Spark Auto only employs certified technicians and we insist they undergo yearly re-certification. Unlike some repair facilities, our employees do not work on commission. They only offer you the repairs your car needs, when it needs them.

We are fast

But accurate

We care about our customers and how they feel about their Spark Auto experience, we maintain a service history of all our regular customers’ vehicles which can then be printed for your records (upon request). At Spark Auto, we are always looking for new ways to provide you with exemplary service and make ourselves the hit of the automotive repair industry.


Cars need repairs regardless of how often you have them serviced. It can be anything from a simple problem with an easy answer, to a complex issue with an unidentifiable source. At Spark Auto, we ensure your car gets what it needs in order to help keep it safe and fun to drive.


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